Level Elite – Actions (Chapter 2)

On today’s episode, we take a look at how important it is to play close attention to the actions we make every day. It is vital not just to react to situations in life but also be proactive to those situations. In chapter 2 this will be dive into. And as the great American philosopher, Marshawn Lynch states, “be about that action boss!”

Level Elite – Mindset (Chapter 1)

In this episode, we get into chapter 1 of the audiobook Level Elite. Chapter 1 is all about mindset. In order to make the revolutionary change that we desired our lives one of the first things we need to do is shift our mindset. I take a stab at how and why it’s important to shift our mindset. If you enjoy chapter 1 be sure to come back for chapter 2 and share that podcast with someone you care about.

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~Be Safe
~Be Constructive
~Be Elite

Why You Suck at Social and Emotional Intelligence!

Today’s podcast, we discuss social and emotional intelligence and why it’s critical for your personal development. But you are not off the hook that easy. We also discuss why you suck at social and emotional intelligence! Don’t worry we all suck at it also and we all have the abilities improve. Be sure to share and subscribe to the podcast.

What is Culture Anyway???


I have come to the conclusion that change is the process of altering habits of culture (I will explain this further in a later blog post). Change is something that is often a part of any solution. However, I have found that Change is never defined clearly. It is like we are just supposed to know what the hell Change looks like. So, after doing some deep thinking, research, and debating, I have concluded that cultures must pivot to see the desired outcomes you want. Therefore, we must define what culture is before we try to change anything.

One of my biggest influencers is Dr. Amos Wilson. Most people are unaware of him and his important work. Here is how he defines culture:BroAmosWilsonII

“ A set of rules and procedure to meet needs and solve problems of the people.”   – Dr. Amos Wilson

I agree with his definition. However, I have expanded on it a bit. Here is my definition


A set of behaviors, beliefs, concepts, lingustics, experiences, and expectations which are scribed to a social (people, place, or thing) collective to meet the (direct or indirect) agreed upon wants and needs.

Its important to keep the following in mind in the context of my definition:

    • There can be overlap and similarities amongst cultures.
    • There must be more than one person to establish a culture.
    • Yes, some one can practice more than one culture at a time.

I often feel like there are words and terms that are made more complex than they need to be. Which usually results in confusion. Culture does not have to be one of those words and terms. However, I do believe it must be understood to have people reach full level of genusis and be elite!

Be SafeBe ConstructiveBe Elite!  – Brandon Jones

The Quest of Being Elite!

Welcome to the Jegna Institute! This site is designed to inspire those who want more in life. Things do not have to be mediocre. You do not have to be the “Status Quo”. In fact, in today’s world and moving forward, the ones who will succeed are the ones who decide to separate themselves from the pack. Leave the herd. Decide to be brave enough to be different.4bf2334c725342c830b20e4922012e8e

If you want to be successful in anything you do, you must be brave enough to do something different with your thought, speak, actions, emotional responses, and perceptions. Most people will not. However, this does not mean you should be like most people. Be Elite!

“Just Let Me Be Great!” – Jay-Z