Level Elite – Actions (Chapter 2)

On today’s episode, we take a look at how important it is to play close attention to the actions we make every day. It is vital not just to react to situations in life but also be proactive to those situations. In chapter 2 this will be dive into. And as the great American philosopher, Marshawn Lynch states, “be about that action boss!”

Level Elite – Mindset (Chapter 1)

In this episode, we get into chapter 1 of the audiobook Level Elite. Chapter 1 is all about mindset. In order to make the revolutionary change that we desired our lives one of the first things we need to do is shift our mindset. I take a stab at how and why it’s important to shift our mindset. If you enjoy chapter 1 be sure to come back for chapter 2 and share that podcast with someone you care about.

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~Be Safe
~Be Constructive
~Be Elite

Why You Suck at Social and Emotional Intelligence!

Today’s podcast, we discuss social and emotional intelligence and why it’s critical for your personal development. But you are not off the hook that easy. We also discuss why you suck at social and emotional intelligence! Don’t worry we all suck at it also and we all have the abilities improve. Be sure to share and subscribe to the podcast.

Addressing Trauma in the Community

This podcast features Brandon Jones (me) being interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio discussing trauma in the African-American community.

A Jegna is a person who is still growing, still a learner, still with potential, and whose life continues to have within it promise for and connection to the future. A Jegna is a person who deserves respect and honor and whose work it is to synthesize wisdom from life long experience and formulate this into a legacy for future generations. The word”Jegna”is a translation from the ancient kingdom of Abyssinian. In the African culture, Jegna is a title of distinction. Translated into English it means: hero, warrior, soldier, courage, strength and protection of our culture, land and people, and elder.

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