Ep.26 – 8 Laws of Change Intro

On today’s episode of the woke podcast, we take a look at the 8 Laws of Change by Steph A. Schwartz. This is a book that I recently come across that I found to be very constructive. I highly recommend that you pick up the book or search for Mr. Schwartz information online. I’m going to give a brief introduction and we will hear from Mr. Schwartz during this podcast. This will be the introduction to a series that I’m going to do on the 8 laws of change. Be sure to Check out the other episodes of the series, Subscribe! , and share with someone you care about.

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Ep. 25 – The Angry Man on How To Be Successful

On this episode of the #Woke Podcast, I share some wisdom brought to you by Valdez from The Angryman Channel on YouTube. This Video is straight unfiltered heat. According to the #Angryman his self:
Usually I’m very critical of black people, but today I’ve decided to give you guys some tips that may help you succeed in your business endeavors. To be honest, this video is helpful for anyone… Not just black people. These are the keys to success that I’ve attained from the numerous books I’ve read and the countless motivational speakers I’ve listened to in my lifetime. Hopefully, these tips will serve you as well as they’ve served me.

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Ep. 24 – The ABCs of Life

On today’s episode, I share with you the concept of the ABC’s of life.The ABCs of life is a concept that developed to help people with success, confidence, motivation, and personal development. The ABC’s of life are as followed, A represents Adaptive Awareness. B represents Balancing & Boundaries. C represents Consecutive ConstructiveChoices. It is my belief that if one applies the ABC’s of life they are putting themselves in a position to achieving any goal, executing any plan, and building a legacy.

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What is Culture Anyway???


I have come to the conclusion that change is the process of altering habits of culture (I will explain this further in a later blog post). Change is something that is often a part of any solution. However, I have found that Change is never defined clearly. It is like we are just supposed to know what the hell Change looks like. So, after doing some deep thinking, research, and debating, I have concluded that cultures must pivot to see the desired outcomes you want. Therefore, we must define what culture is before we try to change anything.

One of my biggest influencers is Dr. Amos Wilson. Most people are unaware of him and his important work. Here is how he defines culture:BroAmosWilsonII

“ A set of rules and procedure to meet needs and solve problems of the people.”   – Dr. Amos Wilson

I agree with his definition. However, I have expanded on it a bit. Here is my definition


A set of behaviors, beliefs, concepts, lingustics, experiences, and expectations which are scribed to a social (people, place, or thing) collective to meet the (direct or indirect) agreed upon wants and needs.

Its important to keep the following in mind in the context of my definition:

    • There can be overlap and similarities amongst cultures.
    • There must be more than one person to establish a culture.
    • Yes, some one can practice more than one culture at a time.

I often feel like there are words and terms that are made more complex than they need to be. Which usually results in confusion. Culture does not have to be one of those words and terms. However, I do believe it must be understood to have people reach full level of genusis and be elite!

Be SafeBe ConstructiveBe Elite!  – Brandon Jones

Sam Simmons – African American Historical Trauma

We believe people are what they are taught by their positive and negative life experiences. Out of this may come rigid ways and views which don’t work as they once had. This may impact an individual’s ability to make the needed adjustments in their lives when needed. Not being able to make these adjustments can result in depression, anger, financial problems, alcohol or drug abuse, violence, relationship problems and failure.

Seeking help can be challenging. And you want someone that has good interpersonal skills, experience, knowledge, and, of course, compassion for the people he works with from all walks of life. We are commitment to helping organizations and individuals help themselves by supporting a way of thinking that leads to self awareness, healing and peace. We have the background and knowledge to help you or your organization succeed in making needed adjustments.

Our Historical Trauma Work

When discussing the ills and disparities within the African American community, such issues as violence, drugs, poverty, and emotional, physical, and spiritual health are often discussed. When systematic oppression isn’t being questioned as a barrier, community accountability and African-American men’s lack of accountability often comes to the forefront. African American’s traumatic history and African American men’s trauma is overlooked and/or called an excuse. When African American trauma is not addressed the cycle of pain can continue and the community suffers tenfold.

In 2008 we started our efforts to address increasing disparities confronting African Americans with a broad range of practical culturally sensitive trauma informed projects and strategies focused healing. We believe addressing historical trauma offers an alternative way of thinking about community building “from inside out” not just “the outside in”. It creates an environment for collaboration, wellness, sustainable change, “compassionate accountability” and community empowerment. We realize that a stronger, thriving African American community improves the health of the community and the society as a whole.

What is up with the Elephant???


There are many studies on elephants. One thing that is often stated is elephants are these large communal mammals. However, more intriguing to me are the personalities of elephants.  Each elephant in a herd has a personality that plays a key role in how successful the family is and how they cope with threats and adversity. I believe we can learn a lot from these giants.

The Quest of Being Elite!

Welcome to the Jegna Institute! This site is designed to inspire those who want more in life. Things do not have to be mediocre. You do not have to be the “Status Quo”. In fact, in today’s world and moving forward, the ones who will succeed are the ones who decide to separate themselves from the pack. Leave the herd. Decide to be brave enough to be different.4bf2334c725342c830b20e4922012e8e

If you want to be successful in anything you do, you must be brave enough to do something different with your thought, speak, actions, emotional responses, and perceptions. Most people will not. However, this does not mean you should be like most people. Be Elite!

“Just Let Me Be Great!” – Jay-Z